These are just some of the lovely comments taken from cards in 2023


"Thank you so much ! The care and support you have given to our boys has been amazing "


"Thank you so much for all of your care, kindness and support in helping …..grow , he has enjoyed every minute "


Thank you so much . …..has settled in so well and loves going in to preschool, she has flourished in her first year with you . Thank you for all the fantastic opportunities you give the children and all the creative ideas you come up with everyday for them "


"Thank you for looking after me , playing with me and teaching me , I will miss you all lots"


"Thank you so much for everything you have done for … choosing your preschool was the best choice "


"You are simply the best! I could never wish for a better preschool than this ! You are all amazing , kind , warm and loving humans and our children are so lucky !"


"Thank you so much for everything you have done for … He has adored his time at preschool and become extremely confident due to all of your hard work , we will miss you all "


A little thank you to you all for everything you do for our children , the kindness, understanding , fun and joy you have all day every day , Thank you for running an amazing setting for our children , love all of the parents and children of 2023"


And some from 2022:


"To all of my Teachers , Thank you for all you do for and for looking after me "


" Thank you for being such an amazing nursery, you are all so lovely and caring and I couldn't want more from a nursery for my child"


" Thank you for all you have done for ....over the past 1 and a half years , he has loved every minute and made some lasting memories and friendships "


"My child has thoroughly enjoyed his first couple of terms at pre-school, thank you for all your hard work "


"To all the wonderful staff at Barton pre-school , Thank you for all that you have done helping ...to settle in , she has loved her time with you"


"To all the lovely teachers at Barton pre-school , Thank you for all the support , care and love you have given ....over the last year "


"To pre-school , Thank you for making ....time at pre-school so much fun !"


"Thank you so much for taking brilliant care of ....He's had a great year !


"To all the wonderful teachers , Thankyou for being so amazing with ....he absolutely loves coming to school and will miss you all lots and lots !


"Thank you to all the staff at Barton pre-school for making ....time such a happy one , she has loved it "


" Thanks so much for looking after ....and making his pre-school experience so positive .He has really thrived and grown since he joined and I know he will continue to speak fondly of you all !"







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A Parent(a few years ago)

Thank you for all your help and support with C, We will miss you all!