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Forest School

How does Forest School benefit my child?

Children are stimulated and intrigued by outdoor environments, this taps into a child’s natural curiosity. Children who play in natural environments undertake more diverse, creative and imaginative play.

Research has shown that Forest School:

encourages motivation
increases self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief
helps development of communication & language skills
encourages exploration of social relationships and development of social skills
encourages team building skills
encourages personal responsibility and independence – e.g. making informed choices, using initiative to solve problems, learning to evaluate risk
gives an understanding that improves the relationship with the outdoors
gives ownership and pride in the local environment and respect for natural environments.


In addition your child will benefit from:
increased oxygen = increased brain functions
increased vitamin D production
gross motor & fine motor movement/skills & physical exercise
reduced stress from being outdoors through reduced Cortisol (a stress chemical in the body)
play outdoors increases the speed of messages between all parts of the brain and nervous system